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Retail Receipt

Great for a Gag, or Novelty, Impress that potential someone with XXX large condoms, or a Training bra that you can leave and the pretend to find at your friends house. Use your imagination and have fun.

Hotel Receipts

If you have a business trip, and you are staying at a hotel, you will need the receipt for your expense report. If you’re anything like me, and you have to wake up early, you usually are running late, and groggy. So, you probably just drive your suitcase right over the hotel receipt they slipped under your door in the middle of the night.

We have a hotel receipt generator for that kind of problem. Just follow the link, and you’ll see this thing in action. It would be terrible to loose money from your expense report, because of a lost hotel receipt. YOu’d think that companies would just give you a credit card, and pay for it by themselves, instead of wasting your time to generate reports all the time, for doing work for them. Instead, you could actually be doing your job.. Selling or fixing their product.. and then they hope you forget your hotel receipts, or loose them, or don’t turn your expense report in. Then, the trip is on you, and free for them.

We’re here to help. No more free lunch for those companies. This is not used to fake anything, you’re company knows you went to the city, and where you stayed, since they are in touch with you. but they insist on you being a secretary as well, who generates bs reports, and keeps small thing like hotel receipts.. Arrrrgghh… it’s almost frustrating just talking about it.

Try our Hotel receipt generator, or our expense report generator free, preview the product, and if you like it. buy it.

Gas Receipts

Gas Receipts are commonly used for reimbursement for businessmen purposes.    They often equate the usage of the vehicle, and or, are used to tally the expenses of a car, which include maintenance like oil changes, or brake service.   Gar receipts are often used by 18-wheeler or truckers, that use gas to transport goods across the country.   Instead of mileage usages for corporate type situations.  Truckers or other driving professionals need specific receipts from specific locations when traveling.    It is the duty of a driving professional to retain gas receipts.

Unfortunately, as we all know, some Gas Receipts do get lost, or damaged, maybe even stolen.   Either way, when they disappear, the amount is then the responsibility of the driver, and not the client.  This can be a very expensive mistake, when it costs many hundreds of dollars to fill up a large tank on a transport vehicle like an 18 wheel truck.

This is one of the reasons we have created this website.  To replace lost or stolen receipts.   Especially Lost Gas Receipts, which are probably the most common, and most expensive.   We all make mistakes, or loose things, but, we should not be punished so harshly with money, that we go to work to earn for our families.

As you can tell, I have been hurt by this.    I was a trucker, and had my folder with my receipts.  On one particular trip, I had a list of receipts, from the past few rides in there.   I was doing back to back rides so I could make some extra money.   I was excited about my pay stub but really tired from all the work.   I was getting in the cab after filling up, and a gust of wind came, blowing all my accounts and receipts outside.   I scrambled to catch them, but, only got a few, the rest were gone.

I’m not the fittest person in the world, so, what may have looked real funny to an outsider was quite devistating to me.   I didn’t have the energy to go chase those pieces of paper.   I figured my boss would understand, but,  unfortunately, he didn’t care.   I could prove that I did the run, and the amount was good, I obviously used the Gas, and figured I didn’t need the gas receipts.   He agreed, to a point, but, said that I was asking for too much money, and that the gas wasn’t that expensive as I said.   Then, of course, he got on me about how I drive with a led foot, and that I’m wasting his money.   He decided to pro rate it, and give me what I “should have spent” on gas.   In his mind.     Since I lost 7 trips worth of receipts, with his calculations,   i was out a bit less than $300.00.    That’s cold hard cash from my pocket.   No taxes taken out.   It’s $300 less that what I should have had.    That really hurt.   It was basically 1/2 months rent.. or  1 car payment.

That’s when I started this site.   I obviously spent the money, but, didn’t have the receipts.   I was not faking anyting..  Just needed proof.   Proof of receipts is why I’m here.

Hope you like my service..    If so, please buy one, and tell me how to make this product better

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